Founder Polpat Asavaprapha pours his lifelong passions and unwavering beliefs into sculpturing Asava to stand for conscious, mindful living and timeless class with ease and conviction embodied in the designs and creations. The core product of Asava is “soul” that inspects entire life meanings, prides itself on intelligence and compassion. Asava’s constructivist augmentations travel through long lasting, substantial ideas translated into products that embrace genuine grace and self-realization.

DEESAWAT, Thailand’s major design brand, specializes in high quality teakwood production since 1972 with the end-to-end wood working facilities from sawn mill, kiln dried and production. Presenting Deesawat collection under the theme “OUTDOOR FUN”, redefining and breaking the rule of outdoor lifestyle allow people to enjoy with timeless outdoor environment and without limits.

ISPA presents a full range of innovative bathroom related products such as Bathtub, Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Shower Enclosure, Massage & Shower Panel, Utility Shelves, and other bathroom accessories. ISPA innovates with care, health, refined lifestyle, safety and savings in mind. Every design embodies design with function, technology with quality material.

KENKOON first introduced outdoor furniture made of teakwood and stainless steel during the 1990’s with the technological know-how from Sweden. Today, Kenkoon products, designed upon unique and sophisticated taste beyond conventional outdoor furniture, has become the top design choice among upscale resorts and five-star hotels around the world.

LUCARIS is a luxury crystal wine ware brand for premium customers with exquisite tastes – part of the Ocean Glass Public Company Limited. LUCARIS is world-class quality lead-free crystal wine ware that aims to create more fulfilling dining and wining experiences for wine enthusiasts.

MOBELLA stands for the beauty of home furnishing, the finely crafted furniture and comfort of upholstery. Mobella is a proud member of the well trusted Thailand Furniture Industry Association among the Thai top brands. Mobella Galleria offers the creative designs and exclusive made-to-order services that cater to our customer’s tasteful suite room, with the range of customizable material list from our premium grade fabric and leather collection.

A natural and refined wellness lifestyle brand, PAÑPURI empowers people to achieve the best version of themselves without compromising on purity, pleasure and results. PAÑPURI deliver experiences that allow customer to fulfill their wellness ambitions through its range of refined product offerings including natural and organic skincare, personal care and home ambience products, as well as spa and wellness services. #Panpuri #EmpowerYourWellnessJourney #CleanBeautyForAll

PASAYA is brand of textile products for lifestyle and personal adornment. The brand was invented with a belief that the pleasure of living can be enlivened by the “Passion for life”. Thus, the core philosophy of PASAYA is to create products for enhancing the passion of each individual while also attending to the quality of life and the environment.

SATIRA means “Longevity of Happiness”. Specializing in rejuvenation using Thai herbs, Satira’s philosophy is to promote well being through the synergy of physical and mental harmony. Since 1999, Satira has carefully selected organic raw materials to assure the most authentic experiences of quality Thai herbal spa products.

FIVESIS LIFESTYLE is derived from 5 sisters who adore precious accessories and decorative items. With refined precious metal designs and decorative items for interior design space, bringing together natural elements and the senses of Oriental culture to create unique luxury experiences to serve our classy clientele of the most discerning tastes.